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The Supremacy of Christ

If you know God, this will either make you jump and down with praise or fall on your face in worship. My favorite part of John Piper’s sermon on how one must know Christ comes in the last 30 seconds.


Bill Boulet – Book of Matthew Sermons Review

Bill Boulet of Heritage Baptist Church in Lakeland, Fl  was preaching through the book of Matthew.  I’ve tried to perform some sort of a review of this series.  The most recent sermons can be found here.  Pastor Boulet is one of my favourite communicators of God’s word.  He often jokes about his stature (though he’s a little taller than his hair), but is truly a man’s man as a former Green Beret and star golfer at Cedarville.  He cuts through the muck of modern (and feel-good) Christianity and speaks straight to the heart using Scripture as the ultimate authority and caliber of the church and individual.


Mark Driscoll – Preaching and Teaching Jesus from the Scriptures Review

In an earlier post, I made a list of online sermons and series that I was listening to.  I’ll try to review and post my thoughts as I glean insight from these men of faith.

Mark Driscoll spoke at an Acts29 Regional Luncheon where he spoke on Preaching and Teaching Jesus from the Scriptures in September 2006.  The five part series can be found at his blog profile.  The series, though recorded as 2.5 hours, can be heard about 2 hours because of the way the audio was broken up.

Recommended Sermons and Series

I’m currently listening to:

Bill Boulet, Heritage Baptist Church, Lakeland, Fl – The Book of Matthew

Jonathan McIntosh, The Journey, St Louis, MO – One for Oh-Seven

Jesse Winkler, The Vine Church, Redmond, WA – The Book of Colossians

Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, Seattle, WA – Preaching and Teaching Jesus from Scriputre