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Saturday Night Outreach

Lately, we’ve been trying to zero in on some good ways to share the gospel with Harrison County, WV. Do we expect an unbeliever to show up at church on Sunday morning? Do we go door-to-door and invite them? Do we pass out flyers at the mall? Do we simply invite our friends? If they do show up on Sunday morning, is the ‘service’ appropriate for them?

Perhaps the title of this post gives away a little too much. We finally decided to have an ‘event’ every Saturday night throughout the summer. We currently plan to rotate between having a film and theology (film and spirituality or reel theology … you get the idea) and an improv comedy night.

Film and Theology night is planned to be set up like James Harleman does at Mars Hill. Watch the movie and afterwards have someone talk about the movie and its spiritual influences and consequences.

The improv comedy night is much more simple. Enjoy improv comedy (think – Who’s line is it anyway?) for an hour or so and then present the gospel in 5 or 10 minutes.

We are still in the ‘come and see’ stage, but we are identifying common ground to communicate the gospel and meet our community.

I plan to keep blogging about resources that I find in case any one else is interested in pursuing some of these same avenues.


Evangelism 101

Being missionally minded is not an easy transition for me. It is something that is developing. I’ll be blogging about this development in the next several weeks.

I was reminded earlier this week by a couple different people about the ministry and methodology of Way of the Master. Ed Stetzer writes about it here. He discusses what I think many of us struggle with. We know it is important to share the gospel and we even know what Scripture to share to present the gospel, but we just can’t figure out how to start the conversation. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron demonstrate how to move past the intellectual conversation to the heart. Here are some videos to help get you started.

There are more at Youtube. You can also go to www.WayOfTheMaster.com They have some good free videos and resources. If you having trouble sharing your faith, welcome to club – now let’s figure out how to get over it.

In the words of Red Green – Remember, I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.

The Supremacy of Christ


At the end of September 2006, Desiring God held a conference called, Above All Earthly Power The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World.  The speakers each did some interviews discussing some KellerPiperimportant issues such as how to keep Christ and the Bible at the center of communicating to a world that doesn’t believe truth as something that is even attainable and penetrating the culture in a counter-cultural way.  Further discussions include being missional and emerging.

Cultural Relevance?

Harrison County West VirginiaI recently sent this email to a friend who is helping me think through some ways of missional living in North Central West Virginia.  I’ve asked our smallgroup to ask the community two simple questions: (1) Do you go to church? (2) Why or why not?  I am hoping that this kind of thinking about our community will engage us in culturally presenting Christ.  Ed Stetzer gives some great insight into what it means to be culturally relevant.